Art, T-Shirts, Gifts

Art, T-Shirts, and Gifts Print on Demand

These PODs will print some combination of  art, paper products, clothing, gifts and home décor items, ranging from just t-shirts or just art prints on a variety of papers and canvas, to over 450 different print on demand products.

Some offer products the others don't have or have better or worse quality or customer service or storefronts. Some bring you more traffic, some pay higher commissions, or have a bonus program. Many have affiliate programs where you can earn a commission on other people's designs, if you aren't artistically inclined yourself.

There are several dozen competitors with a Print on Demand business model. In this section we will review the good and bad points of each POD.

You will most likely want to use a combination of at least a few to get a wider range of products and to network with other designers to find the best experience.

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In depth CafePress review for designers

CafePress was the original online Print on Demand t-shirt service, and is probably the best known, if not best loved in recent years. This may seem like a negative review at first, but read all the way to the end and you may be surprised.